Gumbel Enerji is the parent company of the group. Gumbel has a complex but a flexible and dynamic structure. Different segments of solar activities are organized under the umbrella of Gumbel Enerji.
Evolving for domestic and international targets

Each group company is responsible for a different activity area namely, domestic EPC, international EPC, residential solar installations, wholesale-retail marketing of solar products. Business development, digitalization of business processes and Research & Development are common grounds for all Group companies. Gumbel enerji is the mastermind behind these activities.

Domestic partner of international companies

Gumbel Group is an authorized distributor of SMA inverters in Turkey and an authorized partner of Stäubli, Huwaei and Growatt. Moreover, it has solution partnership with several other local and international companies.

Research & Development to get beyond the limits

With its R&D center, it carries out R&D studies for domestic production of innovative solar technologies. Gumbel is determined to create innovative products that will be suitable for both domestic and international needs.