Elseroof was established to ensure the widespread use of solar power plants in the electricity self-consumption model and to meet the material needs of solar electricity systems. The sentence that best summarizes the primary goal of our organization is "Generate your electricity yourself from renewable and sustainable sources at the point you consume." In line with this purpose, it has created a sales and support infrastructure suitable for the needs of the customer..

During the implementation of a small system, the primary step for the customer to make a decision is bill of quantities. Elseroof has made this step solvable online for its customers. For this, all you need to do is go to simulator.elseroof.com and select your roof on Google maps and specify your electricity consumption habits. Elseroof simulator will quickly create the system you need and its approximate cost for you. By registering to the system, you can receive your offer in a very short time, and then you can install the solar electricity package you purchased yourself, or you can get service from Elseroof Authorized Dealers. After the installation, the sun, the biggest power of the universe, starts to pay your bill too.

With the assurance of Gumbel Group, you can supply high quality long-lasting world brands and Elseroof brand products in bulk, as well as you can obtain them from our online shopping platform Solaravm.com which is an Elseroof brand.

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