Gumbel Energy, the parent company of the group, makes investments in renewable energy.

In addition, we have an R&D center within the company, where we carry out activities on the basis of localization, taking into account the needs of the sector, especially our fields of activity

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Gumbel Yazılım operates in three different areas:
Software, Broadcasting and Production

In the field of software, we work on artificial intelligence and natural language processing and predictive solutions, business intelligence solutions and governance solutions. In the field of publication, it brings popular valuable works to our publishing life with its publishing house..

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Heran Enerji is one of leading engineering and EPC companies of Turkey with 480 MW(June 2020) engineering, 280 MW EPC(June 2020) experience varying from engineering to implementation

It offers Solar Power Plants (SPP) installation for the electricity self-consumption model, consultancy in YEKA (Renewable Energy Resource Area) tenders and turnkey solar EPC services for all kinds of GES power plants.
It makes turnkey projects with the EPC-Finance method and offers finance solutions for the applications it prefers.
By analyzing the needs of the investors very well , Heran will launch the digital consultant Solarbaz very soon for the transparency and traceable SPP process that the investor needs most. In this way, every SPP investor will know and see like Heran.

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Elseroof was established to ensure the widespread use of solar power plants in the electricity self-consumption model and to meet the material needs of solar electricity systems. The sentence that best summarizes the primary goal of our organization is "Generate your electricity yourself from renewable and sustainable sources at the point you consume." In line with this purpose, it has created a sales and support infrastructure suitable for the needs of the customer.

During the implementation of a small system, the primary step for the customer to make a decision is bill of quantities. Elseroof has made this step solvable online for its customers..

For this, all you need to do is go to simulator.elseroof.com and select your roof on Google maps and specify your electricity consumption habits. Elseroof simulator will quickly create the system you need and its approximate cost for you.

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Our journey, which started with the initiative of Ergün Kuzu in 1987, has evolved in accordance with the requirements of the new age and customer needs. We transferred our energy to our products in order to sustain different materials in different sectors. Since 2014, we have started to use our experience to keep energy alive with Güneşfix brand.

Since our establishment, our aim has been to produce our productions at reasonable prices, at world standards and in line with the needs of our customers, without sacrificing quality.
Güneşfix is one of the most important companies in the sector with the technical know-how, necessary knowledge in the field in Turkey, and quality certificates.

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Else Energy, a subsidiary of our group, was founded in 2011 by our Chairman of the Board, Mustafa Herdem. Else Energy, which is one of the leading companies of Solar electricity sector of Turkey has signed on most important solar PV projects of Turkey.

It has implemented power plants from 2 kW rooftop type Solar Power Plant (GES) applications in 2011 to 6,23 MW rooftop type turnkey GES applications at one point in 2018, from 40 kW land GES projects in 2011, to 40,6 MW land type Solar Electricity in 2017. In all this process, it has given and continues to provide operation maintenance services by giving production guarantee with a system performance ratio to approximately 80% of the facilities it has commissioned.

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