One of the most important scales of development is per capita energy consumption. Although efficient devices are being used with developing technologies, the electricity consumption of developing countries is increasing every year. For this reason, it is of great importance that energy is produced in a renewable and sustainable way at the point where it is consumed. For this reason, as Gumbel Group, we focused on renewable and sustainable energy systems in energy. We have seven brands within our four group companies having activities on investment, consultancy, EPC on Solar Power Plants and online sales and wholesale of products related to solar power plants.

The most important factor in the enormous progress of technological developments is the very rapid progress of the software industry. In this sector, data mining, data processing and machine learning will shape the future.

As Gumbel Group, we focused on usiness intelligence applications with data mining and machine learning in the software industry. At the same time, we produce the software required for our R&D center and other group companies locally within our group.

One of the cornerstones of a country to survive is to make domestic production in real in accordance with its needs

As Güneşfix, one of our group companies, we produce the mounting structures of Solar Power Plants with international standards and quality for the domestic and international markets with the experience since 1987.

E-commerce is that your business goes to your customer whenever it is available, instead of waiting for your customer to come to you at your available time.

Our e-commerce platform where you can find solar panels, inverters, storage systems and even all-in-one products for Solar PV applications is at your service on 7/24.

Technological developments are accelerating the pace of global change cumulatively and will continue to do so. We, as the Gumbel family, are traveling to brand new horizons in a non-stop run.

As Gumbel Group, we believe that book is the only constant and will not change in all this turmoil. The 'book' does not change even though the printing methods, papers and contents change.

Gumbel Gumbel Publishing will continue to present you this constant under changing conditions.

Today, digital transformation has become a necessity in order to be competitive in changing economic conditions. Competitive institutions need to update themselves digitally.

While achieving digital transformation of our group companies at one side, we at the same time, prepare to launch as a digital transformation product to the market the consultancy processes for solar power plants that we currently provide.