It operates under Gumbel Energy. Head of R&D department is Prof. Dr. Saadetdin Herdem. Our R&D center carries out its activities on the basis of localization, taking into account the needs of the sector, especially our fields of activity. In our center, we have an electrical-electronic laboratory equipped with high quality devices suitable for the requirements of the field we work.

Online shopping platform, responsible for Gumbel's online wholesale and retail marketing operations.

As Gumbel Publishing, we prioritize intellectual gain rather than economic gain. Therefore, we aim to contribute to our cultural world and to raise the standards of intellectual broadcasting in Turkey by publishing unpublished releases and translating untranslated books

To achieve our goals , we publish in a wide range from popular history books to digital trends in accordance with the fluid spirit of the age, and we will continue to do so. Starting from determining digital content to printing processes, we work in detail.

Digital process management with Solarbaz is coming soon