By combining our dynamic and inventive approach with our industry experience dating back to 2011, we provide effective solutions to your solar projects. Every task we begin lights up the same excitement as if it’s our first day, and we work with the same level of diligence.

How can we help you?


Engineering Procurement and Construction

We install turnkey solar power plants for our investors. We effectively handle all stages of the process, including planning and commissioning, using our robust technical infrastructure. Following the temporary acceptance procedures conducted by the ministry, we hand over the power plants to our esteemed investors.


Optimal Solutions for Design Needs

Our power plants are designed in the light of parameters and licenses. While developing our designs, we use a strategy that considers the best options for the project’s implementation. With our licensed softwares we swiftly land up to the correct results.  


We are with you through the whole process

We offer all of the services you may need before deciding the investment and the implementation for the decided investment. Services such as determining the field, possible installed power, the product types and the application method is provided by our company. We also present feasibility reports based on the parameters. In addition to these, all of the licenses process for the investment is carried out by our company.


Process audit from the beginning till the end

We provide material supply and carry out the supervision of implementation process on your behalf. By checking up on and reporting the manufacturing, packaging, loading  stages, we offer the solar panel, which is the most important product used in the power plant. Solar panels should be high-quality that complies with internationally established standards. With our extensive experience in solar power plant applications, we check over the plant throughout the process. In order to introduce facilities which are compatible to the project and flawlessly functioning, we perform a comprehensive check that encompasses the commissioning process.


İhtiyaçlarınıza Hızlı ve Doğru Ulaşım

Using our experienced procurement team, we efficiently and quickly identify the best products to meet your needs.

Furthermore we perform the purchasing and logistic processes in the most accurate way. Hence we ease the field applications to be implied accordingly to the work plan.

For these services and more connect with our firm Heran Enerji which is responsible from our EPC works.

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