Acts with you in all of your projects

Through its supplier networks and solution partnerships, Gumbel conducts wholesale and retail sales of a variety of products in the solar industry dating back to the year 2011.

If you need any support about field and roof EPC projects, residential installations, off-grid systems and other fields our experienced sales team is just a phone call away…

The future of solar energy is being brought to your homes and businesses through the collaboration between Gumbel Group and Solplanet.

Discover solar energy with our easy-to-install and user-friendly inverters, offered by Solplanet’s Turkey distributor, Gumbel Group

What do we offer?

  • Single-phase inverter
  • Three-phase inverter
  • Connected monitoring devices
  • EV Charging Devices


Solar AVM is the most visited website in its own field. We built our e-commerce platform on 4 cornerstones: User friendly interface, vast product choices, competitive prices and fast delivery!

Owing to our extended experience in our field starting from 2011, we’ve come to work with a lot of domestic and foreign companies. We present well-known, high-quality, and affordable products in the solar energy sector, providing a variety of products at affordable wholesale and retail prices. Our selection encompasses a broad range of products; from solar inverters to solar panels, solar kit systems to solar batteries. We continue to work with all our might to further enhance our product range and effectively offer users price and performance alternatives.

Are you looking for a strong solution for your solar tracking system project? We provide trackers and installation consultancy with our OxoTracker solar tracking system for all of your EPC projects.