Worths Tracking

Our single-axis solar tracking system, which is a domestic and national product produced within Gumbel, features embedded software, power electronic units, online tracking and control software, and mechanical design. It is compatible with international standards.

Easy Installation & Faster Commissioning
Flexible &
Smart & Cloud



Adaptable Algorithm: Our solar tracking algorithm can be customized for various topographies or mountings systems.

No External Sensors: Our product doesn’t use any external sensor outside it’s main enclosure.

Online Tracking and Managing: Tracker controlling units can be checked and controlled from an online app.

Weather Integration: It can easily integrate with different weather stations.

Wireless Contact: We use our own production advanced technology Zigbee modules for the field communication.

Autonomous operation: Control units function on their own when there is a communication issue in the field. This indicates that breakdowns in communication have little to no effect on field production.


Our power unit is designed to operate in challenging external conditions and can be directly connected to the solar panel. Our company’s long-lasting battery system, which was created within our company, is outfitted with the Oxo Power Unit, which can adapt to various situations. It can run using a separate panel either in series with the grid or independently.


Oxotracker’s mechanical design is developed to adapt the challenging conditions. We created the Oxotracker meeting the IEC 62817 standards with the CFD analysis, kinematics analysis and vibration tests.

To get more information about our easy installation, flexible, innovative and cloud based tracker system, you can visit OxoTracker web page or you can contact us.

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