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Sunny story of Gumbel dates back to 2011… We started our adventure when Turkey’s solar energy industry was still in its infancy and solar investments were still nothing more than a distant dream. Since the very first installation, professionalism and quality have always been our top priorities. We have led the way and obtained important achievements in the solar sector and have grown together with the sector.

In 2011, the journey which started with Else Energy, one of the first companies in the field of solar power plant installation, has diversified over the years with new fields of activity.This so called journey transformed over time as new opportunities emerged. Solar tracking systems, energy storage, agribusiness, e-commerce, digital transformation, e-mobility, and publishing were all added to our list of activity fields.


We are at your service with our solar installation experience dating back to 2011.





güneşten gelen güç
güneşten gelen güç



Turkey’s first 500 kWp rooftop solar power plant, which we have established, has been producing clean energy since 2013.

Turkey’s first rooftop solar power plant with an installed power of 500 kWp was established in 2013 in Ankara-Kazan over the roof of Prokon A.Ş. The official acceptance of the facility was made by TEDAŞ on 31 May 2013.

YBT Enerji Korkuteli SPP project, for which we undertake turnkey EPC services, won the Turseff award.

On 7 December 2016, among more than 260 solar power plants financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Turkey Sustainable Energy Financing Fund (TURSEFF), Işıkküre & Işıkyuvar SPP, an investment of YBT Energy, was awarded the “Best PV (photovoltaic) Solar Power Plant Development Award”.

Our expertise in combining the right material with the right workmanship in our turnkey EPC works was certified with the 8th ICCI awards in 2019.

It was registered with the 8th ICCI awards in 2019, in which we see our customers’ investments as our own and strive to make the right choices for them. The panel we selected for the 6.2 MWp power plant that we have built on the roof of Trakya Cam Tarsus-Mersin Factory under Şişecam, Turkey’s only solar panel glass producer, was deemed worthy of an award in the main equipment category.

We are the Turkish EPC company that has the most panels tested by independent test laboratories

We never thought of compromising on quality. For this reason, we have had panel samples tested at independent test laboratories for all our installations, without exception, since the day we were founded.

We have always stand behind our work

We trust the work we do. Since the day we were established, we provide an SPO guarantee with a letter of guarantee in all our works.

We trust the work we do. Since the day we were established, we provide an SPO guarantee with a letter of guarantee in all our works.

The first fruit of our R&D studies is solar tracker system OxoTracker is on the market.

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