Efficient Solutions For Your Storage Needs

Rapidly growing and taking root both globally and in our country, renewable energy solutions, new storage technologies, and investments are set to rewrite the rules of the game once again…

Renewable energy power plants which have storage capacity will clearly add another level to the sector and commercial firms both. A future where Battery-Operated Solar Power Plant will be complementary to base load is closer than ever before.

It is expected that the construction of energy storage plants, in accordance with the Regulation on Storage Activities in the Electricity Market, will create a new million-dollar marketplace. When these projects start to eventualize, Turkiye will be one of the most active storage markets.

In this respect, Gumbel continues to expand its expert approach to battery facilities after showing it with solar projects. Gumbel conducts research and development (R&D) activities for both residential and commercial storage projects as well as establishing global partnerships

A detailed plan is a must for energy storage projects. Several variables like consumption profile, project’s geographic location, safety and many more should be taken into consideration for the planning process. Each project is unique so they should be planned and carried out in the right way. Otherwise, encountering undesirable outcomes in terms of performance and safety is inevitable.

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