Else Enerji, a division of our company, was established in 2011 by Mustafa Herdem, our chairman of the board. Else Enerji has left its mark on large solar PV projects in Turkey as one of the industry’s top businesses in that country.

Else Enerji has successfully delivered turnkey rooftop Solar Power Plant projects up to 6.23 MW capacity at a single location in 2018 after starting with 2 kW rooftop Solar Power Plant applications in 2011. In addition, the company completed 40.6 MW ground-mounted solar power plants at a single location in 2017 from 40 kW ground-mounted Solar Plant projects in 2011.

Throughout this process, Else Enerji has provided and continues to provide operation and maintenance services, offering a production guarantee based on system performance ratio for approximately 80% of the commissioned facilities.


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