Future Starts From Today

First step in our digital transformation journey was our e-commerce platform SolarAVM. We established our e-commerce platform, which is the most renowned website in Turkey within its industry, on the foundation of four key pillars: interface, variety of products, competitive prices and fast delivery!

We collaborate with a large number of domestic and international businesses as a natural result of our industry experience dating back to 2011. We provide a large choice of high-quality and affordable solar energy products, both wholesale and retail, with a varied product selection and affordable costs.

Solar inverters, solar panels, ready-to-use solar kits, and solar batteries are just a few of the many things we provide. We keep working nonstop to expand the range of products and successfully give customers options for both price and performance.


Your Digital Solar Wizard

We are putting our years of knowledge and experience to our digital platform Solarbaz. By combining them with our sector expertise and artificial intelligence, we are digitizing various components like the information portal, quotation automation, investment choice wizard, document management, project management, and operation-maintenance automation.

Offer Automation

With our automation module which is launched for active use in the year 2022, we make it possible for Gumbel and our partners to offer possible costumers the quickest and most precise online prices for the installation of solar power plants. We offer our costumers savings from time and effort with our offer module which can work coordinated with all of the ERP AND CRP applications in the market.