Sustainable Agriculture for a Better Future…

Energy and agriculture is like a twin. For this exact reason as the Gumbel Group we decided to vary our work with agriculture which started as solar energy in 2011. By combining AI based technologies and our experience in the solar energy field we headed to the sustainable agriculture. Our company’s aim is to contribute our country’s quality agricultural production in the short run and meet agriculture with solar power in the long run.

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Dikili Blueberry Orchid

On a 70 decares field in İzmir’s Dikili district, we established our blueberry orchid investment which we will use cultivate using innovative methods. Our Dikili orchard, serving as a pilot facility, will be followed by future investments.

Türkiye'de Öncü Bir Uygulama

Innovative PV Application Suitable for Dual-Use of Agricultural Land

We support the “Innovative PV Application Sustainable for Dual-Use of Agricultural Land” project with our solar tracking system OxoTracker within the framework of the ODTÜ-GÜNAM collaboration in Ankara, Ayaş district, Akkaya village.

Within the scope of the project run by ODTÜ-GÜNAM, the built Agricultural PV System (Agrivoltaic) inside the agricultural area and the nearby reference region will be examined for agricultural productivity and energy generation. Finding the land’s efficiency for multiple uses is the goal.